Tuesday, July 22, 2008

My Last Sermon

Last week marked the last Friday sermon I gave as a khatib in Singapore. It was beautifully poetic though - because I gave it at the very same mosque which I started when I first gave Friday sermons many years ago - and it was not planned.

It has been a fruitful journey. As a fresh lawyer giving sermons to a full time Imam and finally to training new khatibs to give those sermons. Everything seemed to return to one complete cycle, Alhamdulillah.

It was not the choicest of topics last week, but as it was part of the Syariah series, I cannot do the congregation a disservice by not following the text and depriving them of the message meant for the masses. But Alhamdulillah, there were some nice messagings included:

"The Syariah of Allah brought to us by the Prophet. also brings goodness and blessings. It follows then that one of the objectives of the Syariah is to instil the value of helping one another, supporting and also reassuring one another. Because
* The nature of mankind is such that we need help and support. When we look at ourselves, we find that in each of our success stories, our achievements, our positions today, we find that we could not have done all these on our own. We need others.
* When we practice the value of helping one another, we will touch those around us and we will enlighten the lives of those in need.
* Each contribution and help that we sincerely offer will be a good deed that will bring us closer to the rahmah and love of Allah."

Thank you bro for being there last week. It makes it the perfect closing as you were there too when I first gave my sermon here. I am sure you did not remember :)

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SanggarBayu said...

Ustaz, janganlah cakap it's your "last sermon". Macam tak shiok like that. Sound very like the "The Last Supper". Hehe.

Anyway, I like to listen to your khutbahs when you conduct them in English. The way you speak memang "tak leh carry". But it's a job well-done though.

Gonna miss that. But at the same time, tumpang gembira for your future endeavours. Should be a great journey for you. =)