Tuesday, July 22, 2008

The Gathering

Something beautiful occurred to me today. I received a seemingly innocent sms arranging for yet another farewell dinner from a good friend for today. When the day arrived, I received a couple of sms regarding my location as I was slightly late so I advised them to proceed with the order for food without me. But what welcomed me was totally unexpected. I had been for supper at the KTM Railway Station on a few occassions, but this topped the bill and KTM will never be the same again after today.

I was asked to meet my friend at the new musollah at the train station - and that should have raised my suspicion. It was the first time I was at the musollah and when I climbed up the staircase, I overheard beautiful faint sounds of the salawat of maulid ad-dibai' being recited. When I reached the musollah, there were about 20-25 jemaah sitting in a halaqah reading the mawlid and so I joined them. Subhan-Allah, it was led beautifully by Shaykh Z and when it was our turn to read, I noticed many of my friends whom a few years ago were grappling to read the Qur'an was now already reading and some even memorised the mawlid, Alhamdulillah! When it came to my turn, I read 3 passages of a full 2nd hadith in the collection and it felt so good, calm and tranquil. By the time the mawlid recitation was completed by the doa read by Shaykh Z, we all felt so lifted spiritually - being reminded and taking inspiration of the seerah of our beloved Prophet (saw). We then prayed the evening prayer together before proceeding for dinner.

The session also included a prayer for my safe journey and success. I remembered Shaykh prayed: "May his journey be safe and smooth. May Allah protect him as he swims deeper into His vast ocean of knowledge and come out of it wiser and closer to Him, and in return, benefit us all from the nur of that experience." Amin.

He said many other things tonight in my honour, and I was moved at how I have made him proud. Since my own father passed on when I was younger, he was one of the two Shaykhs here in Singapore whom I have looked up for guidance and approval - as a dad, a teacher, a guide, a friend and a companion. I have been so blessed and honoured to have them both in my life.

And today's farewell dinner was so much special as there was that extra thing which signifies a spiritual connection with me and all that is around me. I was told that the owner of the KTM coffeshops (who was there present with us) rented that place and converted in into a musollah with his own money. And my other brothers chipped in with the carpets, the curtains, the prayer mats, the fans and the cleaning. May Allah bless them for this beautiful deed that benefits us all. So, if you do frequent KTM for your meals, do drop by the musollah and may Allah reward both you and those who provided you with the musollah as well.

Thank you Shaykh Z for this spiritually beautiful surprise. Your touch has always, and will always, be magical. Thank you MFP for organising this memorable and cosy event. Thank you to my other brothers who have provided that spiritual uplifting today. May you be rewarded abundantly.

I have had many "provisions" to bring along with me in my life journeys. But, it has always been the spiritual journeys that has been most beautiful and heart-warming. This will be one of them.

On another personal note, it has been said that one requires two 'fathers' in life: one who brings you into this world, and the other to bring you to the Hereafter. I thank God for I have not only one father, but three fathers, in my life to do just that for me.

O Allah! Please bless their lifes as they have touched my life and the lifes of many others in this world. Bless their journeys to You and welcome them warmly into Your Embrace when it is time for their Return to You, and as for my real father, who has already joined you in Your Embrace.



SanggarBayu said...

I didn't know that there's a musollah at the KTM Railway Station. I went there for supper before. Thanks for the info, and may Allah bless and protect the people you mentioned in this entry. AMIN.


blue said...

We'r sorry to have missed your du'a session with the NB group. But nevertheless, you will be in our prayers always.

May Allah accepts the supplications that they have made for you.Amin.

May Allah swt enhances the 'taste' of your spiritual journey that you are about to undertake and exalt you in ranks, which will bring you closer to your Lovers (Allah swt and Prophet s.a.w)in the Akirah. Amin...amin....

Will we be able to send you off?

TheHoopoe said...


of course you both can, but you will may be turned off by the un-earthly timing :)
i will let you know personally.