Sunday, July 27, 2008

Makansutra Street Food Masters

If you ever possess the first few editions of our local food guide, Makansutra - you will find a silhouette of 'yours truly' somewhere in there. We were known as the 'Makan-mata' - the guys who actually go out discreetly (therefore silhouetted) to taste the food and give the chopsticks-ratings you find in Makansutra - in the book and the tv show. [I say this now as I will be leaving Singapore and will not be a makan-mata anymore - so See Toh, if you are reading this, fret not :)]

I have always been asked what it takes to be a food critic. I do not know the answer to that. But the stint I had with Makansutra with the famed See Toh and his wife was a blast. We were given money, we draw up a 'battle plan' of restaurants to judge, go there as innocent customers, order the food, taste them, leave - grade them, get it moderated and ta-dah! you see the no. of chopsticks in the book. At first, it pained me to see all those food went to waste, but if you have about 10-15 restaurants to "test" in a day, it was not possible to eat them. Besides, food tasting/testing is totally different from eating: Once you eat them, you cannot test the food.

I attended the Makansutra Street Food Masters 2008 on Friday at The Pavilion of Far East Square - to enjoy the best local food in town and to bid See Toh and his wife goodbye. Of course, this would not be possible without my dear friend :)

A extract of the Singapore Street Food Oscars:

"The Makansutra Singapore Street Food Masters are back! Now into its fourth year, this unique award and recognition program will for the first time ever, recognize the foreign street food talents – individuals and their families who have now come to call Singapore their new home.

Starting in 2005 as the Hawker Legends, the Makansutra Singapore Street Food Masters serves to recognize the top street food practitioners in our city. Singapore’s street food cultures is an institution that feeds the nation and these master cooks are the soldiers that proudly defend Singapore’s culinary heritage. Each year, Makansutra, with an impartial and discerning panel of culinary observers, and being conscious of echoes from the internet, will select a group of street food vendors worthy of the Street Food Masters accolade.

Such Street Food Masters are what Makansutra champion as part of our quest in celebrating Asian food cultures and lifestyle.

Singaporeans and visitors can pick up free copies of the brochures* featuring these masters complete with your own food trails to their stalls!

*brochures are available at SVCs (Singapore Visitor Centers), selected Hawker Centres and the Makansutra office."

And ... the 7th Edition of Makansutra has already hit the bookstores. Click here.


NunBun said...

Haha! Didn't know that about you. Well... the gym sessions are saving the day... ;)

dew embun said...

Perhaps this was the push for the gym sessions pun...
A personal trainer once shared with me:"I love to eat. Hence, I have to love to exercise."

Anonymous said...

Explains the waistline before. I thought it was all down to late night slurpees and fast food. :)

yashila said...

Not going to add to the previous comments about ur weight :p I shall be nicer. I guess the experience honed your skills in exploring the best food in town. Guess that's how u know restaurants which are not very visible :)

Nizar said...

i never would have imagined.