Wednesday, October 10, 2007

Our Friend Is Leaving Us

In the tender melancholy of tonight, the Imam will khatm (complete) the recitation of the Qur'an during the night prayers (terawih). For everyday since the commencement of the month of Ramadhan, they have been reading one juz (section) of the Qur'an within the prayer and tonight will see the conclusion of those beautiful recitation that the congregation has been used to.

The fasting will end in two days' time and the blessed month of Ramadhan will leave us. We never know for sure if our 'friend' were to approach us next year again, we will still be alive to embrace 'him' and seize the opportunity that 'he' provides.

As for me, this will be my last Ramadhan here in Singapore before I proceed to the next phase of my life. Personally, this has been a very special Ramadhan celebrated with close friends at and from different places. They will stay in my heart. Come next year, insya-Allah, I will welcome Ramadhan alone at a place far, far away from here. I hope to meet wonderful friends and companions as those whom I have grown up with here in Singapore.

Despite the distance, those who really matter to us are always close - in our hearts, in our memories, in the things we say and do, even in the places that we travel. They are a part of us, no matter which way we look - we carry them with us wherever we go.

And I thank The Almighty for that blessing.


Anonymous said...


Not sure if i am close to yr heart:) But certainly u've left
a deep imprint in mine, being my personal befriendee in darul, my important witness in my conversion (remember the lobster dish, etc- hehe),and others.

Tk u v much for yr sincere help, appreciated. wishing u the best in new endeavour.

w'salaam, MFP

Naser said...

This is sad - last Ramadhan in Singapore. Whatever destination that you've chosen, I believe, Allah will give His blessings and rahmah.

For someone who had just gone to your class for the first time, you have really left a deep impression on me. Moreover, your blog is a good friend of mine.

Continue to write wherever you are for you're gifted with these beautiful wisdom and write-ups.

I'll always be your number one reader. =)

Salam and take care, Ust.