Monday, October 29, 2007

Lost & Found

"O Allah!
What did he find, who lost You?
And what did he lose, who found You?"


enemy said...

Salam Dear Teacher,
It has to start somewhere and somehow, right. A quote I share with my student recently, "I dont where I'm going sometimes but I know I'm on my way..".

Thanks for sharing and reminding. This quote by you is simple but there are so many ways we can read into it and understand it. So many layers to peel.

TheHoopoe said...


This must be one of my most favourite quote: simple yet profound.

Many would have glanced through this and moved on without being moved. I am glad that it has touched you the way it did.

As a traveller in this world, we must always be in a state of move. As Nike said: "Just do it!"