Monday, October 29, 2007

The Best Worship

Some people worship Allah for the purpose of gaining His gifts: this is the worship of the merchants.

Some worship Him for the purpose of avoiding His punishment: this is the worship of the slaves.

Some worship Him as showing gratitude to Him: this is the worship of the genuine ones - it is the best worship.

... Sayyidina Hussain ibn Ali ibn Abi Talib


blue said...


Thanks for sharing.

Well,the first kind of worship i've heard before;like worshipping for the sake of gaining more good for themselves.

The second kind of worship would probably be the most common objective.Afraid to be questioned by Allah about our prayers.
But it seems that this is still not the kind of worship that Allah desires from His slaves?

As for the last one, would you be kind enough to enlighten?

I've only heard of ustaz emphasizing the importance of having kushr in our prayers.and to remind ourselves how 'small' we are, while standing infront of have humility and awe.

I use worship to praise Him and to talk to Him.Does this count?

the seeker said...

Hmmm, these verses cause me to reflect a lot indeed, especially after Ramadhan just passed us. Also, there are certain things happening in my life at the moment that make me reflect on the type of worship that I am doing now and have always been doing. I feel, the first 2 are the most common reasons given by people when they are asked why worship. The last reason is the ultimate one...where it teaches us that we worship Him so as to become among those who are thankful of His non stop blessings on us. I hope I can attain such level of worship. Great reminder indeed for me. Thanks!

TheHoopoe said...

the seeker,

And may all of us achieve that beautiful level of worship.