Wednesday, October 10, 2007

Mathematically Speaking

Mathematically speaking (and it is never the point mathematically in matters of ibadah), you will find your achievements in Ramadhan rather startling.

Wajib prayers:
17 rakaats per day x 30 days = 510 rakaats

Sunnah prayers (ba'dia/qabliah):
14 rakaats (Syafie) per day x 30 days = 420 rakaats

Other superregotary prayers/qiyammulail:
16 rakaats per day (assumptions made) x 30 days = 480 rakaats

1 day 20 rakaats x 30 days = 600 rakaats

1 day 3 rakaats (min) x 30 days = 90 rakaats

Congreagational rewards:
510 rakaats + 420 rakaats + 480 rakaats + 600 rakaats + 90 rakaats x 27 rewards = 56,700 rewards

Seclusion in the mosque:

Waiting for prayers while in state of purity:

30 days - Reward is only with Allah. Infinity

Hearing Imam recite and khatm Qur'an:
1 reward per alphabet = infinity

Reciting the Qur'an:
1 reward per alphabet = infinity
plus reward for recitation

Memorising parts of the Qur'an:


Obligatory Zakat:


Sunnah deeds:
Rewarded as an obligatory deeds

Sincerity in Ramadhan:
Up to 700 times the reward for a single act, or more
For example: 56,700 x 700 = 39,690,000

and then, there are also others ....

No need to argue with me on the exact calculation, for I am no expert in Math. But, I'd like to believe that the point is made through them.


For those who have tried and persevered (not mathematically or literally), then the 'Eid is indeed a celebration of success for you, insya-Allah. May The Almighty grants you more success.

For those who have not, the chance is now lost. Pray that you will meet Ramadhan again next year, Amin.


EnergizeD said...

mat and numbers dun really match :-P. Let's get a chinese to do the numbers next time... ha ha...

On a serious note, masya-allah it has been a marathon and at times very taxing but alhamdullilah we still survive and become stronger. I prayed that all the deeds from any muslims who have strived in this blessed ramadhan be accepted, especially those who are closer to me.

Taqabbal Allâhu minnaa wa minkum.

Anonymous said...

Allah is indeed the Most Compasionate. Ramadhan is His special gift. FOr those who tried, Alhamdulillah. let's carry on with our ibadah and amalan even after Ramadhan like our sunnah fast, itikaf, qiyam etc. The journey does not stop here. Let's get it on and on and on....until we reach the next Ramadhan... Salam Aidilfitri.

Nasha Islem said...


yea, never thot of it tt way either and can't do maths either. but when u break it down like tt, its really PHOAR!

may Allah bless everything we've done this ramadhan.

p/s:arghh wanted to go khalid to be ur ma' didnt get th chance :((

NunBun said...

Alhamdulillah bro!

I've always wanted to do this calculation thinggie... but this is a first! Of course, the infinity bits send the maths off the charts lah.

"the" anonymous said...

..and for everything else there's mastercard. :)