Tuesday, October 16, 2007

Of Raising Children

On the last day of terawih, had a long conversation with a good friend over many topics - one of which was the manner in which we should aspire to raise our children - a trust from The Almighty which we took upon ourselves. The challenges that they will face in the future are really beyond our imagination and comprehension. Their life's challenges - will be very unlike ours. So, we must always look to them with compassion and mercy.

It is not in dispensing our "wise" solutions to their specific problems. To me, the key is in giving our children the "formulae" to deal with the varied challenges that will be laid before them. So come what may and in what form, a good "formula" that they can easily apply will go a long way in assisting our children face life's challenges with confidence and dignity.

And, as in many other things in life, the exemplary example must start from us - now. This is because our children are watching us... and they are following our example: albeit good and bad.

"Train up your child in the way he should go."

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