Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Flute: Of Poulenc, Rampal, Galway etc

Although I never had the chance to play Mahler's Symphony No. 2, I had the chance to play this solo in a recital years back with piano accompaniment. My flute tutor was trained in France so I played the flute in that "school of thought" - the French sound. My favourite flautist is Jean-Pierre Rampal for his techniques but mostly for his round and full sound.

This solo piece which I played was composed by Francis Poulenc, a French composer and this clip will feature Rampal playing it. Enjoy :)

There are also 2 pieces that I always have at my fingertips for that "sudden performances". The first one is Meditation by Massenet (which happens to be one of the pieces which I played for my audition for the Singapore Youth Orchestra) and the other, especially for popular performances, there is always Annie's Song as my last-minute saviour. They are both played by another of my favourite flautist - James Galway. Enjoy.

Meditation by Massenet

Annie's Song


NunBun said...

Dang! Should've asked you to do "sudden" performances... just that we all don't have instruments at hand...

TheHoopoe said...

Hahaha .... that is a respite indeed :)