Tuesday, September 30, 2008

'Eid Mubarak

"Dear brothers and sisters,

Praise Allah s.w.t. on this glorious and blessed morning. Say the takbir to Allah s.w.t. with utmost sincerity and piety. Glorify Allah s.w.t. for all that He has blessed us. Thank Allah s.w.t. for His guidance. Let us continue with our journey of taqwa to Him. Let us continue with our path of ihsan and kindness. Let us continue to do good deeds. Let us carry the spirit of Ramadhan, beyond Ramadhan, in the month of Syawal and after it.

Today is a day for us to rejoice. Today is a day of victory. Victory over our desires. Victory in liberating ourselves from all forms of wrongdoings. Victory in transforming us into those who love to do good and worship Allah s.w.t. with full sincerity. InshaAllah, also a day of victory in being freed by Allah s.w.t. from His punishment in the hellfire, Ameen.

All the good deeds that we have done will inculcate in us the values of taqwa, ihsan and rahmah. When our hearts are full of ihsan and rahmah, we will be very happy to meet our brothers and sisters; and we will maintain good relations with others. Thus, this morning, we greet each other, shaking hands in congratulating one another for this victory. We are thankful to Allah and happy to have succeeded in improving ourselves. We are thankful and happy that Ramadhan has energised us; that Ramadhan has made us into a good and hardworking community, and a community that brings blessings to all.

Let us seek Allah’s help to grant us strength to continue on this good path – a path in which we do good and refrain from doing bad. May Allah s.w.t. shower us with His mercy.

Allahu akbar, Allahu akbar, Allahu akbar

Dear brothers and sisters,

Ramadhan may have left us, but its memories are too sweet for us to forget. Its lessons are too valuable for us to ignore. Its value is too great for us to cast aside. Ramadhan was a month of sacrifice. Ramadhan was a season of patience. Ramadhan was a school of ihsan. Ramadhan inculcates in us togetherness and unity... "

... 'Eid sermon (2008) in Singapore. For the full version, click here.


Anonymous said...

Salaam Im,

Eid Mubarak to u!
how's things with u?
was at Shaykh Zak's place yest. when u called him & also talk to

take care

TheHoopoe said...

Salam MFP,

I am good, Alhamdulillah :)
Yeah, Ummi told me that you guys were there ... Hope you had a good Ramadhan :)
Miss ya :)

blue said...

Eid Mubarak to you Ustaz!!!

Hope everything is well and great and fantastic for you!!

TheHoopoe said...

'Eid Mubarak to you blue and your hubby, S.
Hope you had a great Ramadhan and a cause for celebration in Syawal.

Things are good here, Alhamdulillah :)