Saturday, January 26, 2008

Love And Lover

Love and lover have no rigid doctrine.
Whichever direction the lover takes,
he turns toward his Beloved.

Wherever he may be, he is with his Beloved.
Wherever he goes, he is with his Beloved.

He cannot do anything,
cannot survive for even a moment,
without his Beloved.

As his Beloved remembers him.
Lover and beloved,
rememberer and remembered,
are ever in each other's company,
always together.

... Sheikh Muzaffer Ozak


dew embun said...

Esther in 'The Zahir'!!
Exactly how I want to be loved!

esprit said...

what do i do
if a "third party" comes in between me and my Beloved?

how do i let go
and stay faithful to my Beloved?

~trembling :(((

TheHoopoe said...

that realisation is the first step
to mark the beginning of an arduos journey
there are no guarantees that you can bet
your reward is only through His Mercy