Friday, January 11, 2008

Balanced Fitness

If you feel confused about my seemingly neither-here-nor-there entries (religion, music, movies, books, fitness etc) - it is a mere illustration of striking a balance of how a Muslim should lead his life.

Where the previous 2 entries spoke of physical fitness, the following 2 entries addressed the matter of mental fitness. It is not contradictory. It is not confusing. It is real. It is what we face daily.

That is the point :)


blue said...

Did someone commented about how you wrote in your blog?

Well,in my opinion, it's a good balance. at least, you contributed so much great articles, unlike me, full of nonsense. haha.

TheHoopoe said...

Dear blue,

Nothing in His creations are nonsense. Everything has a place and value under His sky :)