Wednesday, January 30, 2008

Ayaz and the Cucumber

One day Sultan Mahmud and Ayaz were sitting together eating lunch. The Sultan cut a slice of cucumber and gave it to Ayaz, who ate it with relish. A little later he gave another slice of cucumber to Ayaz and took one himself. But when Sultan Mahmud bit into the cucumber, he immediately spit it out as it tasted terrible — chalky and bitter. He glared at Ayaz and accused him of tricking him into eating the foul vegetable by pretending it was delicious.

Ayaz answered, 'No, my dear Sultan. It was delicious to me. I have received so many wonderful things from your hand, that whatever comes from you is sweet to me.'


Many stories are told of Ayaz's humility. Among them is one in which it is said that when he had risen in royal favour, he would often go to a secret chamber by himself, put on the old rags which he used to wear as a slave and standing before the mirror say to himself, "Ayaz, don't forget thyself."


dew embun said...

May we learn to be Ayaz, one who tastes the delight of receiving the gift more than the gift itself....

That whatever comes from Him is sweet for us...

Anonymous said...

The title sound kind of weird... but the touching!

blue said...

Oh, I remembered you told this story at one of your talks in Darul.Think the subject title was 'Gratitude'.

Reminded me of the lessons that i learnt from that lecture:To be always grateful of all gifts that the Great and Generous One bestows,whether are they late,bitter,ugly,horrible or something like;'Hey, this isn't what i wished for??'

It's beyond our wisdom to comprehend what's the blessings that's really instore for us in that trial and tribulation.

Persevere bros and sisters!