Thursday, January 24, 2008

I Was Yours To Have

I was away from everything and got myself checked into this beautiful resort over the past two days. I was invited last year for its opening and this was my second visit to this awesome resort - lushed away within the jungle landscape. The first picture above is the view from the corridor doorway facing the forest, the long free-formed swimming pool and the waterfalls. We got a double-floor room with a rooftop private jacuzzi complete with a view of the seaport. It was absolutely awesome being in the company of great friends sitting there overlooking the lights and ships passing by, with nothing but the sky above you and the sea in front of you. The second picture at the bottom is the view of our morning breakfast open-air restaurant. I spent hours having breakfast there, decked with a good book, company, food and of course, the gorgeous view.

I was asked by someone whether I was gonna write a poem about this beautiful experience. But, in passing, I perchanced upon this movie on cable yesterday entitled: Madea's Family Reunion of a particular wedding scene, and heard the recitation of an awesome poem - and I wished to share this with you. The poem named "In And Out Of Time" was written by Maya Angelou - and the manner in which this poem was recited by the talented Ms Angelou herself in the movie left me totally dumbfounded. You will love this ...

In And Out Of Time

the sun has come
the mists have gone
we see in the distance
our long way home

i was always yours to have
you were always mine
we have loved each other
in and out of time

when the first stone looked up at the blazing sun
and the first tree struggled up from the forest floor
I have always loved you more

you freed your braids
gave your hair to the breeze
it hung like a hive of honey bees

i reached in the mass
for the sweet honeycomb there
ahh... God, how I loved your hair

you saw me bludgeoned by circumstance
lost, injured, hurt by chance

i screamed to the Heavens
loudly screamed
trying to change our nightmares
into dreams

the sun has come
the mists have gone
we see in the distance
our long way home

i was yours to have
and you were always mine
we have loved each other
in and out,
in and out,
in and out of time...


saedah said...

Di sini untukmu....
I was yours to have......
In and Out of Time.....

sniff. sniff. sniff

I smell lurve in the air.

heh heh heh

Wah. Is this the Sentosa Siloso?

enemy said...

the illlustration looks like a scene from Jurassic park...

to continue from saedah...
"Everything Else Dissappears!"

theweaatherwithyou said...

the sun has come
the mists have gone
we see in the distance
our long way home

for whatever reason it reminded me of this.......

"Ya ayyatuha'l nafsu'l mutma'inna, irji'i ila rabbika, raziyatan marziya."(Thou, appeased soul, come back to thy Lord, satisfying and satisfied).

ps: surfers have a saying before they ride the waves..."see ya on the flipside!"
what i mean to say is good to know u on a good happy mood maestro :)

ghoose said...

ouuuhh yeahh!!!
romantic scenery
after all the workouts
looks like a good slackout
hee hee

hmmmm ...i wonder whos the company
u bear witness of the beauty with.... :)

Little Miss Lazy said...

first the workout
then comes the Disini Untukmu
followed by the resort tucked in some remote place ...

certainly things are changing... it must be the fitness and the new body :P

how's that to inspire those fat, lazy and depressing people out there ... now now get going!

TheHoopoe said...


lurve is always in the air - it resides in the heart all the time :)

TheHoopoe said...


it surely is not jurassic park. one will know only when one is there, as in, one can only taste the sweetness of faith if one makes the journey to feel faith.

consequence, everything else disappears? what could that mean - diabolical?

TheHoopoe said...

the weaatherwithyou,

yes - you saw it! exactly how i saw it too :)

"we see in the distance, our long way home" - i am not sure whether you are a student of mine - but this is the concept of our journey which i have expounded again and again in those classes.

it is a "revolutionary" way to view our existence - yet it is more profound when understood and manifested in the way we live our daily lives.

TheHoopoe said...

the weaatherwithyou,

oh yes ... and see ya on the flipside, surfer dude!

TheHoopoe said...


so this is "jack" with two comments within an entry - well done :)

who is the esteemed company to enjoy the blessings of the Almighty with? haven't we learnt: "that we serve Him as though we see Him and if we see Him not, then He surely sees us?"

and that He said "I am with you whereever you are"

TheHoopoe said...

little miss lazy,

another pseudonym? well...

Times - They Are A-Changing (Bob Dylan)
"Come writers and critics
Who prophesize with your pen
And keep your eyes wide
The chance won't come again
And don't speak too soon
For the wheel's still in spin
And there's no telling who
That it's naming
For the loser now
Will be later to win
For the times they are a-changing"

blue said...

Do we get to know where is this beautiful resort, 'beautifully tucked in'?

dew embun said...

Thank you
for reminding me
of my love for
Maya Angelou.

dawn said...

masyaAllah..such a pretty site & such a pretty poem.

Yes Hoopoe, where's this resort at?

Mx. LaJa said...

maya angelou ix mii fave poet, n ii love juxx bout all her poemz, so much luv goes out tu Mx. Maya Angelou ;-]