Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Two Years On

Today has been exactly two years since I arrived in Boulder, Colorado. I remembered my first trip from Denver International Airport after flying in from Oregon and previously Washington on a Super Shuttle  along I-36 when I was presented with this view of Boulder. I was, to say the least, inundated, nervous, anxious, perplexed, and wondered whether I had made the best choice coming here. Needless to say, this was a physically different place from the city life of Singapore. Never had I been exposed to such vastness before.

In that nervousness, I failed to see the beauty this view presented me. It did not take long for that situation to be rectified. When I flew in again from Los Angeles after Thanksgiving break traveling that same highway into Boulder with an elevation of 5430 feet, I was so mesmerized by its grandeur and beauty. All the time while I was in California, I was already missing Boulder. And wherever I go thereafter, I started missing it by the second day of any of my various trips - even when I was in New York, Washington DC, Boston, Hawaii or any of the more popular states. 

Now, this view gives me solace, it gives me a sense of peace, it gives me inspiration. This city has one of the most educated, most courteous, most well-mannered, most sophisticated community, with clean crisp breathing air, most healthy state I have seen and experienced in the United States - and that is saying something as I have been to three-quarters of the fifty states here within a span of a mere two years. Boulder has inscribed many memorable, if not one of the best moments and periods of my life. I feel welcomed quickly, and as my professor introduced me during my commencement ceremony a few weeks ago, it was hard to imagine I actually came from a very far away place. In spring, summer and fall, I regularly hike those mountains yonder, whilst in winter I ski on them - we have the best hiking trails and  champagne/powder snow anywhere in the world. The view in and around Boulder is magical. The driving itself is a pleasure to behold. Our bicycle lane is half that of a car lane, and everyone gets everywhere biking from one place to another. Pedestrians and cyclists are kings on the road. Vehicles always give way to us even though they have a right of way. When you ride a bus, the bus driver never fails to greet you and always give thanks and bid you a nice day when you alight. Nowhere in the US  have I felt so special riding a bus. Whole Foods, organic groceries and Farmer's Market are the rage. The community are big on environmental issues and everyone recycles.

I lived in two places in Boulder during this span of time. For almost two years, I lived just by the famous Boulder Creek (where I tub from the mountains and many Boulder's main activities centered) and the very famous local astronaut's Scott Carpenter Park (where I lay down to read or play frisbee or snow-sled during winter). The second house I lived in summer is right below that very mountain you see above. Nature screams inviting you in everyday! From up that peak, you see the gorgeous aerial view of the whole of Boulder, right into Denver. I have since then value such vastness of space, which leads to vastness of thoughts and emotions. In short, Boulder is absolutely fabulous. It is my paradise.

I will miss it terribly. Boulder and its people will always be in my heart. I hope to have the privilege to retire peacefully here at some point in the future.

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