Saturday, May 30, 2009

Ultimate Frisbee

Another favorite sport I will be playing today.

Ultimate Frisbee is a sport,
Not your average play with your dog,
It’s very dangerous as you know,
You could bleed to death or break your bone.

The first step that you must always know,
Never mess up your throw,
Get plenty of sleep and rest,
So you could perform your very best.

Ultimate Frisbee started not long ago,
It started in 1968 by a young man named Joel,
He proposed to a school for a Frisbee team,
The school accepted and he fulfilled his dream.

The objective of the game is to score,
But be careful not to start the 3rdWorld War,
Try not to hit your opponent, and make them sore,
Or not they will call you a “blind fat boar”.

Strategies and tactics are important too,
Don’t follow the disc everywhere like a lost kangaroo,
But don’t always stand still like a straight bamboo,
And make sure you're not as lazy as Winnie the pooh.
When you're in a Frisbee club you’re all a family,
Be sure not to make them your enemies,
Or not your coach will go all E.M.O and mad,
Then your coach will leave you just like that.

To qualify in a tournament you have to master,
Your backhand, forehand and your hammer,
Its not that easy to master all,
There are times when you stumble and fall.

Team spirit is important,
Not just scoring more than your opponent,
Most tournaments even give an award,
To the team with the most spirit but not to the one that scored.

Never ever clump up in one place,
Or it will be hard for the disc to be chased,
Remember to block your opponent with the disc,
If you don't, your opponent winning the game is your risk.
It doesn’t matter if you win or lose,
It's how you play the game, not how the game plays you,
When you get a scratch, a drip of blood or
even a bruise,
Don’t give up, just continue..

... Ultimate Frisbee, CherryTeddyYukiBerry


MudPie said...

Oh yeah, my kid is in an ultimate frisbee program at his primary school. He likes it.

TheHoopoe said...

It is a great team sport :)