Saturday, May 30, 2009


It was a poor game and you were outplayed by Kobe and Gasol. 
There is always next season.

If you lose by 1 or 52
They game is over and there is nothing you can do
Thats a loss on your record and a win that you didn't get
No matter how good you played, as a team you played like you didn't want it

There was that free throw you missed and the rebound you should have got
You threw stupid passes and took careless shots
You may have fouled out or played D like you didn't care
Doesn't matter the guilt and shame of losing is what you now have to bare

You got ripped, you got packed
You messed up every play from LA to stack
You didn't post up or play the game with heart
You didn't change at all, your end matched you start

You came out thinking you would win
Losing was one thing that you didn't even comprehend
You lost the jump just like you lost this game
Go ahead walk off, You're the one to blame

People say "Don't be too hard on youself you did good,
You did everything that you could"
You nod your head and act like you believe
But all you want is for them to leave

No matter what anyone will say
It doesn't take away the pain of losing the game
You will have to walk into that locker room believing you are the only one to blame
Because whether you lost by 1 or 52 you lost the game, So take your shame

... Take Your Shame, Rachel Elaine Kearnes

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