Monday, August 25, 2008


I just had to make this entry - to remind myself of how I was not like this before and how I have now changed. Close friends would know how this is a world of difference for me:

I walked and walked and walked and walked and walked ...

I walked from point to point.

I never thought of cabs, and bus ride is free here.

I have never walked so much in a day in my life.

But walking with an iPod in your ears and a haversack on your bag with my trusted Adidas shoes ... it grows on you.

This is the surprise guys: I am beginning to enjoy it :)


Naser said...

I'm jealous. Enough said.

Nizar said...
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Nizar said...

haha. another jealous person you have to contend with.

but i also remembered when i was doing a stint in australia, and the cabs were just amazingly exorbitant. that walking became the practical logical choice. and yup, as you walked, and walked, and walked, it just grows on you. i walked everywhere too... from downtown sydney all the way to the fish market, and from there all the way to the harbour...

and when you are kinda alone, it is just such a wonderful thing to do.

and it does seem that you are so getting into the groove there... enjoy ustaz!

Little Miss Pinky said...

You are well prepared for this - that was what your gym sessions were for!

Enjoy the walk. Its therapeutic.

"the" anonymous said...

Do especially enjoy it now while everything is new and exciting. Whilst I have no doubt that you will still appreciate the mountains and the surroundings a year from now, it will not be the same as the feeling you have now.

Embrace it!

Anyway, I am most pleased and happy for you that everything has gone accordingly to plan, and dare I say it, even better than you expected it to be. Alhamdulillah!