Sunday, August 31, 2008

My Bike

For those who are not in my Facebook link, I have a transportation update:

After the walking up and down and everywhere, I did what almost every Boulderians did: I bought a bike within the 3rd day I was in Boulder. And it has been such a blessing. Now, I cycle up and down and everywhere - and I even contemplated bringing my bike along to my trip down to Denver this long Labour's Day weekend. It takes me less than 5 minutes to reach school even - and it is a beautiful path along the creek.

Now I began to see what those gym sessions I was doing back in Singapore were for: the running of 20km every week, the cycling, the steps ... it was like my trainer was 'kashaf' - I needed all these to venture Boulder, to cycle to school, to go up and down the hills (oh ... where do you think the name 'boulder' came from?) So, Alhamdulillah ... it seemed that I have been well-prepared and everything now makes perfect sense to me :)

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