Friday, August 29, 2008


My favourite DJ. He has been on my iPod wherever I go - flying, walking, cycling, studying, reading ... So I wish to introduce you to Tiësto!

Tiësto is a Grammy-nominated Dutch trance DJ and record producer. He has become one of the world's most famous people in the trance and electronic dance music scenes. Although he has used many aliases in the past, he is best known for his work as DJ Tiësto. On his latest productions, however, he has dropped the "DJ" label and is now known simply as "Tiësto", an alias which is a twist on his childhood nickname.

As his popularity rose in the early 2000's, he became the first DJ to perform to a large crowd following his six-hour "Tiësto Solo" sets which he performed without other DJs or opening acts. This idea, of one DJ playing alone to a large crowd, was brought to its pinnacle when Tiësto was the first DJ to hold a solo concert in a stadium; on May 10, 2003, he performed for over 25,000 people in Arnhem's Gelredome. This concert was later called "Tiësto in Concert", the event was an enormous success. He repeated the same type of concert the following year during two consecutive nights in late October. In addition to holding these two concerts for 35,000 of his fans, he held another concert for a crowd of 20,000 in Hasselt, Belgium the following week. He is also noted for being the first DJ to play live on stage at an Olympic Games at the 2004 Summer Olympics Opening Ceremony in Athens. In addition to receiving numerous awards for his work he was crowned "World’s No.1 DJ" three consecutive times by DJ Magazine from 2002 through 2004 and received a nomination for a Grammy Award in 2008, for his album Elements of Life.

He has also made a number of charitable contributions. In April 2006, Tiësto was named the official worldwide ambassador for the Dance4Life foundation, fighting the spread of HIV/AIDS, for which he recorded the track "Dance4life." In December 2007, Tiësto and Giorgio Armani collaborated together on a limited edition Tiesto T-shirt available at Armani Exchange stores. His single "Sweet Things" includes the shirt with the proceeds from the sale of this T-shirt benefiting the Mercy Corps.

The following clip is from my favourite song of his 2004 album entitled "Just Be" called "Forever Today". I love the orchestral instrumentation build-up and then bang! The original song is 12 minutes ... this version has only 10 minutes to it. Anyway, enjoy... and just be :)

And another, from the Grammy nominated album "Elements of Life."

And to get the real atmosphere of his concert and see why he is the maestro DJ, this is the Opening of Tiësto in Concert 2004 at the Arnhem Gelredome with the familiar Forever Today and Olympic Flame tracks. As commented, this is how one should open a concert!

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Lindz said...

I'm glad you like the albums.
Now you understand why he's my fav. as well?
And why i wanna buy his DVD?

Anyway, my grandfather aka the father who raised me up has left this mortal world a couple of days ago. SMS you but i dont think u received it.

take care