Friday, June 27, 2008

Another Milestone...

One milestone will be reached by the end of working day this evening: it will be the last of my working day at the office before I begin my super-long leave till August. No more cases to hear, no more divorces to administer, no more hearing parties' family problems, no more making hard decisions of other's personal lifes, no more hearing morbid stories, no more parties to scold etc etc... what a weight off my shoulder :)

Most people will be ... hmmm ... sad to leave their colleagues and work behind. Well, I do - and I have some great colleagues at the office and a few became really good, close friends, Alhamdulillah - but I chose to be positive and look forward to my new and exciting challenges ahead.

It's funny how when I received news about my scholarship 6 months ago - I was going crazy having to wait 6 months to leave. And now, at the wink of an eye, the time has come.

Last day at work is one sign of the beginning of my new journey. Last day officially at the Ministry will be the other. My visa should be approved in the next 2 weeks. So... all set to go :)

My friend suggested that I put up this Graduation Song to accompany my entry. I felt really juvenile putting up this song: but what the heck! My choice would be See You by Depeche Mode. So, I am putting up both of them here...

It's 1730hrs!!! I am outta here!!!! ... yay.........

Graduation Song - by Vitamin C

See You - by Depeche Mode

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