Monday, January 26, 2009

Love In The Time Of Cholera

Florentino Ariza: I love you, my crowned goddess. We're going to stay like this. 
Fermina Urbino: You can't mean it. 
Florentino Ariza: From the moment I was born, I have never said anything I did not mean. 
Fermina Urbino: And how long do you... you think we can... stay like this? 
Fermina Urbino: Forever. 
Fermina Urbino: Forever? 
Florentino Ariza: After 53 years, seven months and 11 days and night, my heart was at last fulfilled. And I discovered, to my joy, that it is life and not death that has no limits.


dew embun said...

This was somewhere in the ending of the book...right?

TheHoopoe said...

It was the ending of the movie.
Had free screenings of these (and more) in campus :)