Sunday, December 16, 2007

Untying Knots

'The aim of prayer is not only the securing of particular favours, but also a purification of the soul: it loosens psychic knots or, in other words, dissolves subconscious coagulations and drains away many tensions of the soul, which presupposes that the soul be humble and truthful, and this disclosure, carried out in the face of the Absolute has the virtue of re-establishing equilibrium and restoring peace - in a word, of opening us to grace'...

'God tests by removing, man proves by renouncing. The renunciation may be inward and independent of facts; in that case it is detachment. He is detached who never forgets the ephemeral nature of what he possesses and who looks on these things as being lent to him and not as possessions'.

'Now our mental space - the substance or energy containing or producing thought - is in itself consciousness of divine reality; the mind emptied of all coagulations ‘thinks’ God by its very substance in ‘holy silence’ man being made in the image of God'.

...Prayer Fashions Man, Frithjof Schuon

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