Sunday, November 25, 2007


In Enchanted, the movie also ended with 'and they lived happily ever after' again and again... In fact, the whole movie was obsessed with finding that ending.

For those wondering what this post is about, please read my entry on Stardust. Enjoy the holidays!


esprit said...

well, fairy tales are created to mirror and reinforce
the "reality" we have now.
ideology stuff.

by the way,
very pretty background.
en provence... :)

TheHoopoe said...

I am not sure about fairy tales mirror-ing or reinforcing our reality. I always thought it provides an alter-ego to our existential reality.


Rudy Djoharnaen said...

maybe the tales are a form of escapism we need to the other side of life.

edc said...

indeed... fairy tales have always been a part of my own fantasies and imagination. we love them for d aesthetic qualities, dat ideal happily-ever-after ending where good prevails over evil.

There're underlying subliminal messages in these stories if we look closely. they perpetuate dat gender ideology where women are d passive ones waiting for d prince to rescue... d princess must be beautiful but its ok dat d hero is not so but is rich (e.g. beauty n the beast)... association of beauty to goodness, etc. d many reasons they r good for children.

not to be a spoiler, but that's the "reality" of fairy tales~ =/

Rudy Djoharnaen said...

yeah...a 'reality' and also a happy ending acheived at the very last minute, a kiss of true love before the the last petal drops and before the hour strikes 12. Interestingly, sincerity plays a major role of happy ending. The evil witch cast the spell, the fairy Godmother comes to the rescue to ease the way to happy ending but at the end of the day, only sincerity can break the spell.